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The Faculty of Humanities plays two roles in the academic life of the university. The first is to offer degree-granting programs on both the undergraduate and graduate levels and the second is to provide a large array of general education requirement courses, foreign language courses, and special programs designed for students at the various stages of their academic careers.

We serve the community by providing programs of study that are professionally oriented, comprehensive, relevant to today’s business world, and of high standard

Note from The Dean

The Faculty of Humanities offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in education, translation/interpretation, literature and language, psychology, advertising/marketing, radio/tv, and journalism/electronic media. In addition, the Faculty offers a B.A. in physical education. These programs are designed to prepare civically-minded and productive graduates endowed with a liberal arts education.

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Historical Overview

The Faculty of Humanities had its place with the two other founding faculties at NDU: The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, and The Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences. During its early years as LCHE, the Faculty mainly provided the NDU community with service courses in the English language, Human Thought, Arabic, Religion, Political Science among others. In 1987, a B.A. in Communication Arts and a B.A. in Interior and Graphic Design were offered.

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Mission, Vision & Values

The mission of the FH is to provide opportunities for NDU students to develop their intellectual and interpersonal capacities to their full potential. The Faculty also aims to encourage students to appreciate their culture and to work for justice and peace in their world. With a liberal arts education as the foundation of its programs, the mission of the FH is to equip students with a well-rounded knowledge base, enabling them to think critically and independently, to reflect on timeless issues, and to shape progress.

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    Rihani, Ameen A.
    Abouchedid, Kamal
    Alam, Edward
    Eid, Assad

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