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Employment for Students & Alumni

Vacancy Reference # Company Name Job Position Major
CP-119-2021 Saccal Design House Interior Architect Interior Architecture
CP-118-2021 Novelus Junior IT CCE
CP-117-2021 CITIZENSHIP INVEST Sales Developer Business
CP-116-2021 Webedia Arabia Multimedia Art Director Advertising, Graphic Design or Related Majors
CP-115-2021 Webedia Arabia Multimedia Graphic Designer Graphic Design
CP-114-2021 Tarjama Translator/Editor (Reviewer) (English <> Arabic/French) Translation or Related Major
CP-113-2021 Novelus Field Service Management CCE
CP-112-2021 SNS Technical Consultant CCE, Computer Science
CP-111-2021 BMB GROUP Android Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-110-2021 BMB GROUP Web Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-109-2021 BMB GROUP Software Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-108-2021 Malia Group Quality Control Analyst Chemistry
CP-107-2021 Confidential Junior Graphic Designer Graphic Design
CP-106-2021 Emakina Business Developer Graphic Design or Related Majors
CP-105-2021 Emakina Community Manager Graphic Design or Related Majors
CP-104-2021 Emakina Analytics Expert Graphic Design
CP-103-2021 Emakina Product Designer/ Service Designer Graphic Design
CP-102-2021 Emakina Motion Designer Graphic Design
CP-101-2021 Emakina SEO Expert Graphic Design
CP-100-2021 Emakina Art Director Graphic Design or Related Majors
CP-99-2021 Multilane Purchasing officer Business, Logistics or Related Majors
CP-98-2021 Novelus RF Engineer Bootcamp CCE
CP-97-2021 Eleven Football Pro Assistant General Manager Sports Management
CP-96-2021 Obegi Consumer Products SAL Personal Assistant Business
CP-95-2021 Librex Offshore s.a.l Procurement & Administrative Assistant Management, Business Administration or any Equivalent
CP-94-2021 Librex Offshore s.a.l Social Media Specialist Business, Communication, Marketing, or Related Majors
CP-93-2021 Confidential IT Manager Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems
CP-92-2021 SODETEL Technical Support Agent Computer Science, Information Technology, Telecom
CP-91-2021 Saint George Hospital University Medical Center Blood Bank Technologist Laboratory
CP-90-2021 KPMG Senior Associate Finance, Accounting, Economics or Related Majors
CP-89-2021 Converged Network Solutions, Member of ICC Group Network Engineer CCE or Related Major
CP-88-2021 Confidential Azure Dev-Ops CCE, Computer Science
CP-87-2021 Confidential Full Stack front & Back End Developer Computer Science
CP-86-2021 Confidential Social Media Specialist Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Journalism or Related Majors
CP-85-2021 Maliks Graphic Designer Graphic Design
CP-84-2021 Confidential Corporate Copywriter Marketing ,Communication or Journalism
CP-82-2021 CARMA Senior Marketing Researcher Journalism, Business Analytics, Communication, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations or Related Majors
CP-79-2021 Bioswiss Group Accountant Accounting, Auditing
CP-78-2021 Algorithm IT Support IT
CP-77-2021 Emile Rassam Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Computer Science, MIS, CCE
CP-76-2021 B.O.T Marketing Coordinator Marketing
CP-75-2021 PACS – Pinnacle Advisory and Consulting Services MENA Lead for Training HR
CP-74-2021 Ets. Antoine Massoud Sal IT Support CCE, Computer Science, MIS
CP-73-2021 Ets. Antoine Massoud Sal Financial Analyst Finance, Audit
CP-72-2021 Confidential Research Business
CP-71-2021 Confidential Web Developer CCE or Related Majors
CP-70-2021 ISSA Holding Marketing Manager Marketing, Advertising and Marketing, or Related Majors
CP-69-2021 Kallassi Group ERP Analyst MIS, Business Computing, Information Technology Management
CP-68-2021 Beam International S.A.L (Offshore) Procurement Engineer Mechanical Engineer / Electrical Engineer
CP-67-2021 Esposa Group Senior Sales Business or Related Major
CP-66-2021 Esposa Group Senior Graphic & Digital Marketer Advertising and Marketing, Marketing, Graphic Design or Related Majors
CP-65-2021 Brandem Art Director / Graphic Designer Graphic Design
CP-64-2021 Confidential Mobile Apps Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-63-2021 Multilane Product Lifecycle Management PLM CCE, Electrical
CP-62-2021 Born Interactive Junior Art Director Graphic Design
CP-61-2021 Born Interactive Marketing and Growth Executive Business, Marketing
CP-60-2021 Born Interactive Senior Art Director Graphic Design
CP-57-2021 Capital Banking Solutions Technical Consultant CCE, Computer Science
CP-56-2021 Capital Banking Solutions Mobile Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-55-2021 Capital Banking Solutions Senior Web Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-54-2021 Aliston Consulting Consultant / Software Engineer Computer Science
CP-53-2021 Aliston Consulting Software Engineering Computer Science or Related Majors
CP-52-2021 Multilane ATE Engineer CCE
CP-51-2021 Multilane Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer CCE
CP-50-2021 Multilane Project Coordinator CCE, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
CP-49-2021 Bankers Assurance Sales Consultant Business Majors
CP-48-2021 Confidential Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer Computer Science or Related Majors
CP-47-2021 Marie France SAL E- Commerce Manager Management, Marketing, Advertising and Marketing
CP-46-2021 Prolites Marketing Coordinator Marketing, Advertising and Marketing, Communications
CP-45-2021 BRANDIT. Junior Designer Graphic Design
CP-44-2021 Areeba Head of Human Resources and Administration HR
CP-43-2021 Zeder Group Female Indoor Sales Consultant Business or Hotel Management
CP-41-2021 CDLL Administration and Finance Coordinator Business or Finance
CP-40-2021 CDLL Project Coordinator Business or Related Major
CP-39-2021 Confidential Web and App Developer CCE, Computer Science
CP-38-2021 Pikasso Procurement Responsible Business
CP-37-2021 Pikasso Senior HR Coordinator HR
CP-36-2021 OLX Lebanon Front End Engineer CCE, Computer Science
CP-35-2021 OLX Lebanon Quality Assurance Engineer CCE, Computer Science
CP-34-2021 OLX Lebanon Android Engineer CCE, Computer Science
CP-33-2021 OLX Lebanon E-commerce Operations Executive Business (Marketing, Management or Related Majors)
CP-32-2021 OLX Lebanon Backend Engineer CCE, Computer Science

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