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Mission and Vision

The Department of Media Studies at Notre Dame University-Louaize prepares its students to be effective, skilled, and ethical communicators and citizens in a globalized world. Students are encouraged to appreciate their own culture and to positively interact with people of all cultures. The Department provides its students with ample opportunities to interact with and to learn from scholars/teachers and professionals who will get them ready for a fast-changing, diversified, and billowing media landscape. The Department also nurtures and develops the students’ leadership and analytical skills and satisfies their desires and needs for advancement in a workplace that is in constant need for creative ideas and activities and a broad knowledge in research, liberal arts, as well as in many other areas. With its three sequences of Journalism and Electronic Media, Advertising and Marketing, and Radio and television, the Department balances both the theoretical and the practical aspects of each discipline and aims at producing graduates who are ready to apply their acquired skills and knowledge in the real world.
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