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What is the IDEAL Program?

NDU in collaboration with SKILD has recently introduced the IDEAL Program, a program designed for students with learning difficulties who are unable to attend a regular undergraduate university program.

Peer Mentoring Recruitment

Peer mentoring allows NDU students to partake in specific learning disability activities. It is an excellent method for peers to develop the capacity to learn effectively from their on-ground experiences and to provide appropriate behavioral models.

Suggested Program

A student who can read confidently, comprehend fully, and write clearly opens doors to worlds of discovery. As a student in the IDEAL Program, you will learn skills, which will help you work in your chosen field, and live a productive, independent, and quality life.

Focused on You

We’re here to support you to become more independent in all aspects of your life. We help you prepare for moving onto independent living, employment or further education. NDU is proud of the outstanding IDEAL Program which offers students the opportunity to develop in the exciting setting of a Higher Education Institution. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to send us a message below.

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