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NDU Libraries

The NDU Libraries strive to provide quality services by acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to a variety of information resources. The libraries, thereby, support the University’s mission to foster excellence in scholarship and lifelong learning, and to educate students to be future leaders who can exercise reason based upon knowledge.

The NDU Libraries consist of the Mariam and Youssef (Main) Library at the Zouk Mosbeh Campus, the NLC Library at the Barsa Campus, the Shouf Library at the Deir El-Kamar Campus and the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) Library at the Old Zouk Mosbeh Campus. The NDU Libraries are also responsible for maintaining and developing the research collections of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (CRVP) Library, the Center for Applied Research in Education (CARE) Library, the Marian Studies Center (MSC) Library, and the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) Library.

Recognizing that the Library is central to fulfilling the mission of the University, the NDU Libraries keep up-to date with the latest publications relevant to the major programs of study through purchases and an active local and international gifts and exchange program. The Libraries welcome and encourage donations and institutional exchanges that support the University’s academic programs and the scholarly, teaching, and research interests of the NDU community.

The Mariam and Youssef Library provides access to an expanding collection of core reference and circulating materials in print, manuscript, electronic, audio, visual, cartographic, and other appropriate formats. It also provides individual and group study space for more than 300 simultaneous users, an Information Commons with appropriate support and access to information and technology resources, and a classroom for Library instruction. The NLC Library, Shouf Library, and DCE Library provide access to a core collection of references, circulating materials, periodicals and electronic resources, in addition to providing space for quiet, individual study.

All NDU Libraries collections are searchable via WebView, the NDU Libraries web-enabled online public access catalog (OPAC), which is available from NDU’s website (

The NDU Libraries are open to all users, however, only NDU faculty, students, staff, and alumni are currently granted borrowing privileges. NDU Libraries guests and visitors are allowed to access and use the library’s resources within the confines of the library only. NDU Libraries materials may be requested and borrowed from any campus library, regardless of where they are housed.

The NDU Libraries are founding members of the Lebanese Academic Library Consortium (LALC) and the Lebanese Inter-library loan and Document delivery services Consortium (LIDS).

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