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The Faculty of Engineering at Notre Dame University-Louaize was established in 1996 by Lebanese Government decree no. 9278 as the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

We serve the community by providing programs of study that are professionally oriented, comprehensive, relevant to today’s business world, and of high standard

Note from The Dean


Amidst the troubled times and despite all the uncertainty, the Faculty of Engineering (FE) at Notre Dame University, Louaizé remains strong and dynamic. The year 2020 has been full of unprecedented events and challenges, to say the least. Intermittent street closures, financial meltdown with steep devaluation of the Lebanese pound, a pervasive Covid-19 pandemic, the devastating Beirut port explosion (with tragic loss of lives which shook Lebanon and FE from the core), and political unrest, are added to the daily hardships which people have been dealing with on a day to day basis for years.


Rather than slow down, the FE took important initiatives to adjust to the challenges.

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historical Overview

In 1993, a project for establishing the Faculty of Engineering (FE) was submitted to the Lebanese Government; in 1996 the FE was established by Decree no 9278. The four majors in the initial decree were: Civil Engineering (150 credits) Architecture (202 credits) Mechanical Engineering (150 credits) Electrical Engineering (150 credits), Computer Engineering (150 credits). After one year, in 1997, Computer Engineering program started at NDU-NLC. The first Engineering degrees were awarded in Spring 1998.

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mission, vision & values

The Faculty of Engineering at Notre Dame University-Louaize endeavors to graduate engineers who understand the ethical, social, economic and environmental contexts of their profession at local, regional and international levels and who apply their knowledge with judgment and responsibility in order to develop ways to utilize the materials and forces of nature in a sustainable manner for the benefit of mankind.

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ACTEA 2019

ACTEA'19 aims at bringing together researchers and engineers, and providing a common platform for all experts involved in computational tools to advance the state of knowledge by sharing research results and pioneering views about recent trends and developments. ACTEA’19 is the third edition in a series that started in 2009 and is being sponsored by local sections/branches of major societies operating in the country.

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    Asmar, Ghazi
    El-Hayek, Michel
    Georges, Semaan
    Hamad, Mustapha

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