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Important Admission Dates: Fall 2023

Welcome to NDU!

Thank you for your interest in Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU). Choosing a university is an important decision, and we are honored that you are considering NDU. Having experienced this remarkable university as a graduate, as a parent, and educator, I am happy to share this opportunity with you about why I think this University, is so special.

There are so many ways to get to know us, either on-campus or online from your own home. Our students study in three campuses located in Zouk Mosbeh, in Deir El Qamar, and in Barsa Koura.

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What are you looking for?



What are you looking for?

Freshman Program

Freshman Program

Who Belongs at NDU

NDU actively searches for students who can enrich the university’s already multi-cultural and multi-talented student body. Students with a wide view of the world around them, prone to discovering new ways of experiencing life, the world, and the people around them are key elements of a successful university. Students with a drive to succeed and an unprejudiced approach to new ideas tend to be more exciting applicants than others.


You can visit the university at almost any time. However, we have arranged particular schedules for schools in Lebanon to bring along their students to experience the university in a short tour of the campus. An annual “Open Doors” event is systematically scheduled.

Discover NDU

  • Main Campus

    Notre Dame University-Louaize main campus is located in Zouk Mosbeh, a coastal area 15 km north of Beirut, Lebanon.

  • North Lebanon Campus

    The NDU-Louaize North Lebanon Campus is located on the green hills of Barsa, a quiet village in Koura, at an altitude of 100m.

  • Shouf Campus

    The NDU-Louaize Shouf Campus is located on one of the Deir El-Kamar hills, the St. Abda hill.

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