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Note from the Chair

The Department of English and Translation (DET) at Notre Dame University-Louaize offers diverse programs in the fields of English Language Studies, with a strong emphasis on linguistics and literature, as well as Translation and Interpretation. Within the Translation and Interpretation program, students have the flexibility to choose their specific focus, either in translation or interpretation.

Our English Language program is designed to deepen students' language proficiency and enhance their critical thinking skills. Throughout the program, students engage with texts, conduct analysis, and refine their oral and written communication abilities. This comprehensive preparation equips them for rewarding careers in teaching, editing, publishing, communication, and playwriting. Additionally, it lays a solid foundation for pursuing advanced degrees in English studies.

Concurrently, our Translation and Interpretation program offers a specialized understanding of the complexities inherent in cultures, languages, and narratives. This program combines the theoretical underpinnings of Translation Studies with hands-on practical training, thus bridging the gap between theory and professional practice. We facilitate this learning through a range of workshops and internships, providing our students with valuable real-world experience. As a result, our graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of this increasingly competitive field, armed with the necessary tools to enhance their careers and expand their professional capabilities.

In line with Notre Dame University-Louaize's mission, the DET also extends its offerings to include courses in English, Arabic, and various foreign languages such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Latin. These courses are intended to broaden the linguistic abilities and intercultural awareness of NDU students, ensuring they gain a comprehensive perspective of our interconnected globalized world.


Dr. Maya El Hajj

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