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Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts - Journalism & Electronic Media

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The mission of the Journalism program is to prepare students to become reporters in various print and media outlets. Students will also augment their journalistic skills with a variety of Public relations courses that will broaden their communication skills and improve their career opportunities in different organizational and professional settings. Students will practice and refine their writing, reporting, and other journalistic skills.


Program Educational Objectives

The program will prepare students to:

  1. 1.Lead a productive career in journalism, public relations, and electronic media;
  2. 2.Employ the journalistic and communication skills acquired in the form of print, broadcast, and digital media in both Arabic and English;
  3. 3.Apply strong professional competence to serve in journalistic tasks, in the press, radio, television and net media;
  4. 4.Act ethically as media professionals;
  5. 5.Pursue graduate studies in journalism, public relations and electronic media research.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students should be able to:

  1. 1.Identify the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the field of journalism and the manner through which such foundation is applied to practice in the field;
  2. 2.Illustrate ideas, thoughts, news, reports, and other journalistic work in clear, correct, vivid, accurate, and meaningful language;
  3. 3.Categorize information and gathered material by providing meaning to them and explaining their relevance and consequences to the recipients;
  4. 4.Become lifelong learners in the field;
  5. 5.Demonstrate genuine creativity in writing and reporting styles;
  6. 6.Acquire and practice written and oral communication skills for print, broadcast and online media;
  7. 7.Critically analyze and interpret journalistic situations encountered during their daily work.

Graduation Requirements

Once admitted to the program, students are required to develop competence in both Arabic and English. They must also complete an internship at one of the media outlets in the Lebanese market. Students pursuing this major must complete a total of 102 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 / 4.0 in their major requirements. These 102 credits are divided as follows:


Liberal Arts Curriculum (30cr.)

Free Electives (6cr.)

Suggested Program

Fall Semester Year I (15cr.)
COA 201 Mass Media Essentials 3 cr.
ENG 213 Sophomore English Rhetoric (LAC) 3 cr.
POP 201 Photography 3 cr.
ARB ____ LAC 3 cr.
JOU 210 Mass Media Language 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year I (12cr.)
ENG 230 LAC 3 cr.
STA 202 Statistics for Humanities 3 cr.
JOU 310 News Writing and Reporting 3 cr.
COA 270 Studio WorkshoP 1 cr.
COA 275 Editing I 2 cr.
Summer Semester Year I (9cr.)
____ ____ Pool Course 3 cr.
ARB 302 Practice in uses of Arabic 3 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
Fall Semester Year II (15cr.)
JOU 323 Web journalism 3 cr.
COA 415 Broadcast News Operations 3 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
COA 230 Information Gathering and analysis 3 cr.
____ ____ Pool Course 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (16cr.)
JOU 350 Investigative journalism 3 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
JOU 370 Newspaper Production 1 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
COA 425 Writing and reporting for the electronic mediA 3 cr.
COA 359 Media and Society 3 cr.
Summer Semester Year II (9cr.)
____ ____ Pool Course 3 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
Fall Semester Year III (13cr.)
COA 362 Mass Communication Research 3 cr.
JOU 371 The Newsroom 1 cr.
COA 450 Specialized journalism 3 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
____ ____ Free elective 3 cr.
JOU 466 Seminar Series in journalism
Spring Semester Year III (13cr.)
JOU 490 Senior Study in Journalism 3 cr.
COA 480 Internship in Journalism 1 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.
____ ____ Free elective 3 cr.
____ ____ LAC 3 cr.


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