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The NDU minor in sociology is comprised of 15 credits. Any student may elect to get a minor in this area provided that he/she is in good academic standing, i.e. securing a minimum GPA of 2.0/4. A student selecting this minor may only count up to six credits which he/she may have taken from the list of required courses for this “Minor” in Sociology. Minors must be declared at least one year before expected graduation date.


Objectives and Outcomes

  1. 1.To develop an understanding and an appreciation in students for the kinds of questions sociologists ask and the kind of explanations they offer;
  2. 2.To familiarize students with some of the major issues, problems, and findings in sociology;
  3. 3.To introduce students to interpretative and critical skills needed for the sound study of sociological phenomena;
  4. 4.To improve cognitive and communication skills; exercises and regular assignments are intended to enhance students’ abilities to read, analyze, discuss, and write skillfully;
  5. 5.To approach challenges faced by groups with a sociological perspective, through research, need assessment, design and application of training programs, like team building, group dynamics, conflict resolution, etc
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