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Message from the Dean

The Office of Student Affairs provides support in the different aspects of students’ life through its different departments:

The Department of Student Activities endeavors to offer solid support and rich co-curricular educational activities and is always available to facilitate and assist all students, clubs, and societies in their activities.

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NDU Athletics

The Department of Athletics at NDU encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through the provision of sports activities and gym facilities. Students may choose from a wide variety of sports activities, including: Basketball, Volleyball, Taekwondo, Aikido, Physical Fitness, Body Building, Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, Rugby, Futsal, Table Tennis, Chess, etc.


It is the philosophy of NDU that students should not be denied the opportunity to further their university education because of limited financial resources.

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Department of Social Security

The Department of Social Security serves as the liaison between students and the University’s National Social Security Funds (NSSF).

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Department of Student Life

With more than 30 clubs and societies at NDU, getting involved in University life cannot get any better!

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Department of Counseling and Health

The Counseling Services at NDU provides students with short-term counseling and crisis intervention services. Anxiety, depression, behavioral troubles, conflicts, communication problems, phobias, and other ailments are treated with professionalism, absolute respect, and extreme confidentiality.

Department of Community Service and Awareness

CSA Motto: Believing, Crossing, Achieving.



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Student Union

Student Union

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Student Housing

Student Housing

Department of Career and Placement

The Placement Office provides employment opportunities by acting as a liaison between local and international firms, and NDU students and alumni. The Office makes every effort to ensure that eligible students and alumni are provided with career opportunities that best suit their needs and skills. Select opportunities are listed on the NDU website enabling students and graduates to apply to those vacancies that match their aspirations.

Discover NDU

  • Main Campus

    Notre Dame University-Louaize main campus is located in Zouk Mosbeh, a coastal area 15 km north of Beirut, Lebanon.

  • North Lebanon Campus

    The NDU-Louaize North Lebanon Campus is located on the green hills of Barsa, a quiet village in Koura, at an altitude of 100m.

  • Shouf Campus

    The NDU-Louaize Shouf Campus is located on one of the Deir El-Kamar hills, the St. Abda hill.

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