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This office coordinates and supervises all activities related to research projects and development endeavors. It issues calls for research proposals for evaluation and follow-up. It carries a plan for book publications covering old manuscripts and contemporary writings in the different disciplines related to the programs offered by the University. It has established the archives of research projects and seminar or conference presentations locally and overseas, prepared by NDU faculty and staff members.


The NDU Libraries strive to provide quality services by acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to a variety of information resources. The libraries, thereby, support the University’s mission to foster excellence in scholarship and lifelong learning, and to educate students to be future leaders who can exercise reason based upon knowledge.

Research Policies

The following principles and guidelines constitute the groundwork from which all further policies regarding the development, promotion and carrying out of research at NDU shall be derived.

Centers and Institutes

Research and Graduate Studies are managed by the Assistant Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (AVPRGS), who is responsible for promoting and coordinating research by faculty members as well as by graduate and undergraduate students. Furthermore, the AVPRGS is tasked with overseeing the graduate programs at NDU, ensuring that they are up to the required standards. In addition to chairing the University Research Committee (URC), the AVPRGS supervises the activities of the various research centers.
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