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The mission of the Master of Arts in Psychology - Educational Psychology is to prepare students for postgraduate work. The program aims to apply psychological principles to the teaching/ learning process. It also prepares graduates to analyze psychological effects of methods, resources, organization and non-school experience on the educational process.


Program Educational Objectives

The program will prepare students to:

  1. 1.Pursue higher studies towards a doctoral degree.
  2. 2.Carry out research in educational psychology to further their professional career.
  3. 3.Pursue a career in institutions that deal with educational psychology.
  4. 4.Further develop their professional status through the use of their learned skills in analytical and creative thinking, research, and the use of technology -based assessment.
  5. 5.Contribute to promoting educational psychology practices and strategies in their respective institutions.


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, students should be able to:
  1. 1.Enroll in post-graduate programs.
  2. 2.Implement Educational Psychology principles in their workplace.
  3. 3.Contribute to educational research.
  4. 4.Analyze the issues in current educational psychology practices.
  5. 5.Demonstrate commitment to professional ethical conduct.
  6. 6.Measure student learning through appropriate assessment.

The program focuses on the application of psychology to the study of the behavior of individuals in the roles of teacher and learner, the nature and effects of learning environments, and the psychological effects of methods, resources, organization, and non-school experience on the educational process. It includes instruction in learning theory, human growth and development, research methods, and psychological evaluation.


Students accepted in the program must fulfill the 36 credit hours required or the 30 credit hours course work in addition to a 6 credit hours thesis. The GPA must remain at a “B” grade or 3.00/4.00. In case of failure in one of the courses, students are given one chance to repeat the course work. A second failure will result in expulsion from the program. Following registration, a 3-year time limit is given to the students to complete his or her degree. Students are not allowed to repeat more than two courses.


Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission to the MA program in Educational Psychology are:

  1. 1.A BA in Psychology or its equivalent from an accredited university; a BA degree in any other major will be evaluated separately.
  2. 2.A cumulative undergraduate GPA of a minimum GPA 2.75 provided students satisfy the general admission requirements for graduate studies at NDU.
  3. 3.A personal statement of background, goals and values.
  4. 4.Three professional recommendations from instructors of the student’s BA program.
  5. 5.A personal interview at the discretion of the department.


Graduation Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for a Master of Arts in Psychology, students must complete 36 credits, choosing either the Thesis track or the Non-thesis track, with an overall average of 3.0/4.0. The minimum passing grade of a graduate course is “C.” Students in graduate studies must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate programs with no more than 2 “Cs” per program.



Credits from accredited universities can be transferable according to the following conditions:

  1. 1.Acceptance by the Office of Admissions at NDU.
  2. 2.Any course with a grade below 80, i.e. “B” is not transferable. This is in line with the NDU grading policy.
  3. 3.Only 9 credit-hours are granted to the new student provided that the transferable course/s is/are transferred from an accredited university and correspond/s to the NDU course requirements.


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