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Schedule One-on-One Advising

The Career Center offers one-on-one sessions with experienced career counselors. individual career advising is thus a process that helps you understand yourself, your goals, and your ideal career trajectory. Often, assessment tools such as personality tests are used to help you narrow down your career paths and educational approach. 

The Career team will also help you locate sources for career information and determine the next steps to take for career advancement. In this sense, the team is there to help you answer these questions: 

  • What is the career path that will bring me satisfaction and fulfillment? 
  • How do I earn a position in my desired industry? 
  • I do not like my current career path/major. How do I choose another? 
  • Where can I find information about prospective employers? 


Explore your potential with the Career Center's renowned personality test. Accessible throughout the academic year, you can take the test at our Center under the expert guidance of our Career team. Discover your ideal path and take the first step toward a fulfilling career. Schedule your session now by reaching out to
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