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Department of Community Service and Awareness

Central to the University mission, the Department of Community Service and Awareness (CSA) at NDU aims to provide students with opportunities to be civically engaged by working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and bringing together students with diverse skills and educational backgrounds to plan, adopt, and complete projects while maintaining sustainability in the relationship between the CSA and NGOs.



At the heart of CSA activity lie several central beliefs. Each of us is inextricably linked to our environments, our country in the larger sense down to our families. A sense of responsibility comes with this link especially with the belief that each of us, students and staff, and with God's grace, has the potential of being a tool of positive change in our communities. The CSA also believes that each student has a unique talent, that there is room for everyone to contribute, each in his or her own way, and that all of these talents are equally valuable.


Bridges are a central concern in the CSA work ethic. Bridges can bypass the deepest abyss. The CSA will consolidate already existing bridges in the form of non-governmental organization (NGO) activity and will pioneer new bridges in the form of the university's student-based projects. In addition, bridges are a team effort: a bridge is only as strong as the connections between its components. Finally, bridges form a bond between previously isolated locations. This aspect symbolizes that the efforts of the CSA will broach new channels of communication between NDU students and their communities. This relationship will be mutually beneficial and permanently alter the make-up of both parties.


The nature of CSA activity is goal-oriented. It aims at providing real-life opportunities for students to actualize their potential in order to produce a qualitative change in the state of their communities. Perseverance in seeing a project through to the end will be emphasized. Difficulties will be anticipated during the course of student planning and overcome. Students will be able to follow up on the results of their projects to ensure that the improvement is maintained.


The CSA aims to help students optimize their potential and instills in them a spirit of responsibility. The Department also raises awareness on societal issues and humanitarian causes.

For more information, contact the Department of Community Service and Awareness at 09-208000 ext. 2043 or via e-mail at csa@ndu.edu.lb.


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