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IAA Accreditation


  • The Advertising Club was created in 1992 by Mr. Kamal Darouni to be one of the first clubs formed at Notre Dame University of Lebanon;
  • In 1999, NDU has received the formal accreditation from the International Advertising Association (IAA) for its BA Degree in Advertising and Marketing;
  • Since then, NDU students receive the IAA Diploma in Marketing Communications upon their graduations;
  • The Advertising Club became the IAA Advertising Club gathering hundreds of Advertising and Marketing students at NDU;
  • Throughout the years, many students were glad to be committee and active members of the IAA Advertising club, which has organized more than 100 events;
  • In 2002, IAA Advertising Club participated in the IAA 38th World Congress in Beirut;
  • In 2004, NDU organized a one day workshop “From theory to Practice” with the IAA Lebanon Chapter;
  • During the IAA World Education Conference in 2008, Mr. Kamal Darouni received two awards: The IAA Advertising Club of the year for the NDU Advertising Club, and the second place of the “World IAA Interuniversity Interad” Competition in the Middle East Region;
  • In 2011, NDU received the 1st place in the “Interad XII” Competition in the Middle East Region;
  • In 2013, the IAA Lebanon Chapter celebrated its 50 year anniversary and the IAA Advertising Club celebrated its 20th anniversary in the seminar, “Lebanon Communicating”;
  • On November 8 and 9, 2013, NDU attended the first IAA Apprentice Conference in
    in Dubai with the support of the IAA Lebanon Chapter who sponsored the trip of 12 students under the presidency of Mr. Joe Ayache;
  • In March 2014, the club launched along with the Department of Media Studies, the first seminar series in Advertising in Lebanon;
  • On June 11, 2014, the IAA Advertising Club held the first IAA Diploma Ceremony where NDU students received their IAA Certificate in Marketing Communications in the presence of IAA professionals. This event was the first of its kind around the world in the presence of Mr.Saad El Zein, IAA Vice President – Area Director Middle East and Africa and Mr. Naji Boulos, IAA Vice President - Government Relations Middle East and Africa, representing the IAA Lebanon Chapter;
  • In November 2014, another NDU student delegation participated in the 2nd IAA Dubai Apprentices;
  • In January 2015, the second IAA Diploma ceremony was launched in the presence of the IAA World President, Fares Abou Hamad and the IAA Lebanon Chapter President, Mr. Joe Ayache;
  • In May 2015, Mr. Melhem Rechdan, Advisor of the club, won the IAA Young Leader Award from London and was honored by the IAA Lebanon Chapter;
  • On November 6 and 7, 2015, the NDU Delegation competed in the “IAA 24 hours pitch” at the 3rd IAA Dubai Apprentices conference to win it against other universities around the world such as ESP, France, Edith Cowan University, Australia, American University of Dubai and others;
  • On November 11 and 12, 2016, the NDU Delegation was represented again at the 4th IAA Dubai Apprentices;
  • Today NDU celebrates 15 years plus of IAA Accreditation and thanks the IAA for always “Inspiring Excellence”.

Added Value

The International Advertising Association's (IAA) mission is to accredit formal education programs that prepare students for the global commercial communications industry.
The IAA accreditation program has a twenty-year record of accomplishment. Presently, 44 leading universities, colleges, and professional schools located throughout the world hold IAA course accreditation.
Our certificate is globally recognized and says that we are accredited by the most important Advertising Association. We are the only Lebanese university holding this accreditation which helped us participate in IAA competitions, conferences in Lebanon and abroad.


Benefits of IAA Course Accreditation

  • International industry recognition of quality of course content;
  • Listing on the IAA Global website;
  • Exclusive educational resources for classroom use;
  • Networking and interaction with global industry professionals;
  • Potential internship program opportunities;
  • The IAA Certificate of Completion awarded to approved graduates;
  • Profiling of accredited Academic Experts and their areas of relevant research;
  • Local IAA Chapter support promoting industry/academic engagement and collaboration;
  • IAA Young Professional support and mentorship opportunities for students.
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