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The Minor in Philosophy consists of 18 credits. Any student can choose to pursue a minor in this field as long as they are in good academic standing, which means maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.0/4.0. With the approval of the RCPS Department Chair, students selecting this minor can only apply a maximum of 6 credits from the list of required courses for the Minor in Philosophy. Minors must be declared at least one year before the expected graduation date.


Program Educational Objectives

  1. 1.Understand the human quest for truth, and the different ways humans have engaged in this quest;
  2. 2.Show how philosophy is the foundation of human quest for knowledge and truth, whether theoretical or practical;
  3. 3.Gain familiarity with the world’s major philosophical traditions;
  4. 4.Develop the ability to assess arguments using logic, critical thinking, and argumentative methods;
  5. 5.Gain knowledge of various philosophical and cultural traditions;
  6. 6.Enable students to express philosophical ideas through both written and oral forms;
  7. 7.Encourage students to respect -and interact with diversity for it is the only proper attitude leading to a genuine dialogue; and
  8. 8.Guide students toward developing.
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