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    Languages & Translation: Cross-Cultural Context

Join us in Beirut on March 22, 2023

The International Conference on “Language and Translation: Cross-Cultural Contexts” is a collaborative initiative between Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) and the International Center for Human Sciences (CISH) – UNESCO, Byblos.

Aiming to provide an international platform for scholars, researchers, practitioners, and students, the conference is hoping to open discussions about the translation, interpretation, and education of languages and whether they have achieved the standards of carrying the living spirits of various cultures.

Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and German at Colorado College, USA: Dr. Davis’ scholarship focuses largely on the Romantic period, with emphasis on relations between German and British...
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Established in 1999 by UNESCO and Lebanon, the International Center for Human Sciences (CISH) – UNESCO, Byblos is an international social and human sciences research institution. Placed under the...
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