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Intensive English Program

Students who score within the range of 40-49 on the NDU EET are provided with the opportunity to enroll in a one-semester, 9-credit Intensive English course. Students participating in the program may also concurrently take a remedial course in Math and Arabic. The passing grade for the Intensive English course is a "D". Students who achieve a grade of "B" or higher will be automatically placed in ENL 110. It's important to note that students may retake this course only once during their tenure at NDU.

We strongly encourage students to actively engage in the university's academic life by attending regular classes in addition to those specified by the program. Furthermore, students will have access to the Mariam and Youssef Library as well as the Writing Center.


Communication Skills Courses

The placement of students in Communication Skills Courses is based upon their EET scores (see Undergraduate Admissions).

The Department offers the following remedial and communication skills courses:
ENL 105 - College English I (3 non-credit carrying; passing grade is “D”).
ENL 110 - College English II (3 non-credit carrying; passing grade is “D”).
ENL 213 - Sophomore English Rhetoric (3 cr.).
ENL 223 - Communication Arts (3 cr.).
ENL 230 - English in the Workplace (3 cr.).


The Department offers courses in the following languages:
Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Syriac.


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