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Supreme Council

Most Reverend Abbot Edmond Rizk, Superior General of The Maronite Order of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Abbot Pierre Najem
Reverend Jihad Younes
Reverend Jean Maroun El Hachem
Reverend Samir Ghsoub

Board of Trustees

Dr. Ziyad Baroud, Chairperson
CHUCRI Ronald Farra, Deputy Chairperson
Mona GEHA Kanaan, Secretary
Farid Chedid, Treasurer

Selim Sayegh, Chairperson, Committee of Education

Selim Zeenni, Chairperson, Committee of Finance and Audit

Rose Choueiry, Chairperson, Committee of Advancement

Reverend Bechara Khoury, University President (ex Officio Member)
Reverend Jihad Younes
Reverend Pierre Ghsoub

Reverend Joseph Zgheib

Reverend Walid Moussa
Reverend Hanna Tayar
Carole Ayat
Ingie Chalhoub
Karim Daoud
Fady Eid
Charles El Hage
Hayat Frem

Violette Khairallah

Dr. Habib MalIk
John Moufarrej
Paul Raphael
Maurice Sehnaoui
Nassib Shdeed
Dr. Joseph Tarabay
Nayla Tueni
Bassam Yammine
Philippe Ziade

Fouad Zmokhol

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