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Mission & Vision


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering seeks to graduate civil engineers who use their knowledge and ability to design and construct sustainable civil and environmental engineering systems which both serve the needs of society and adhere to professional ethical standards. The program is to prepare students to engage in lifelong learning and to be leaders who understand the practical aspects of engineering along with successful management and business practices and public policy. Students and graduates are prepared to successfully compete for regional and international grants and positions.


To be recognized as a regional center of excellence for engineering education where highly qualified faculty and outstanding students pursue knowledge in a context of ethical and social values. This distinguished education will enable students to contribute in a socially responsible manner to the development of Lebanon and the region.


Excellence in education and scholarship: highly qualified faculty educate students through theory and hands-on instruction using the latest available technologies. High quality research addresses problems of relevance to the community and enhances classroom instruction.

Life-long learning: Our students will be equipped with the tools and skills that enable them to keep up to date in their field.

Service: our students will be encouraged to use their knowledge for the service of the community through engineering projects and extra-curricular activities.

Faith and integrity: In keeping with the tradition of the Maronite Mariamite order, we aim to graduate students that are rooted in their faith in God. This faith expresses itself in respect for God’s creation and integrity in their daily professional and social interactions
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