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Students Organization

Society of Civil Engineers

A New Society for a Civilized World

The Society of Civil Engineers (SCE), founded at NDU the 4th of June 2002 started its activities with several projects related to civil engineering such as field trips, guest speakers, laboratory modeling, community services project and social events.

The mission of SCE is to provide an educational, professional, and intellectual experience that enables a diverse body of students, alumni, faculty to contribute to society through teaching, research, practice, and service

The society main goal is the maintenance of a teamwork spirit among civil engineering students in performing interesting projects related to civil engineering.
SCE main activities are:
  • To organize field trips in different related domain: Geotechnical, Structural, Contracting, Environmental and Transportation.
  • To help the new students and advise them during the registration and the drop and add period.
  • To ensure availability of book exchanges between old and new students: When a student finishes a course and he doesn’t need any more the book, he can give it to the SCE and the SCE will give it to a student newly registered in the course.
  • To organize educational movie sessions on various topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering issues.
  • To organize competitions on civil engineering issues: researches, projects…
  • To organize and participate in cultural events at NDU.
  • To coordinate with the NDU internship office.
  • To coordinate with Civil Engineering societies of other universities (AUB, LAU, etc.) and plan for common events.

Community Services

Students enrolled in CEN 463 Water and Wastewater Networks have to design the Network Systems of a Municipality of their choice. The project is then sent to this Municipality and used for preliminary assessment for pricing and possible execution.


Summer of the Third Year is spent on site for an 8 weeks training period. The students have to submit a written report highlighting their daily experience on site. Students often receive offers for full-time employment from the firm where they have been trained.
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