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Note from the Chair

Greetings and welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE). I encourage you to browse our Web Site which is designed to provide detailed information on our educational and research programs, faculty members, engineering student chapters of professional societies, and a broad range of activities underway in the Department.

Civil engineering is the oldest engineering profession. Most of the engineering wonders of the ancient World are the creation of flawless civil engineers. With the growing environmental and economic challenges facing the society, due to climate change and global increase in population, the discipline continues to have a key role to play in building a Sustainable future.

The Department has established outstanding and comprehensive graduate and undergraduate programs.  

Our department and program missions are enhanced by collaborations with the other departments in the Faculty of Engineering, and with various Faculties and research centers at the University.

The DCEE is currently comprised of 15 full-time faculty members. In addition, there are several part-time faculty members who hold joint appointments. These faculty members collectively contribute to our multidisciplinary academic and research programs. Our alumni and industry partners help in facilitating internship and job placement.

The DCEE has been growing significantly during the past ten years –our undergraduate and graduate student populations are at all-time highs. Currently, we have over 550 undergraduate students and nearly 25 graduate students in the department.

Currently we are fostering an exciting phase of expansion with our new undergraduate program of Petroleum Engineering. We are actively recruiting new talents to join our Department, and we expect significant growth in our facilities within the next few years.

Enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact us for further information.


Dr. Talal Salem

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