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Note from the Chair

Greetings and welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE). We invite you to explore our website, meticulously designed to offer comprehensive insights into our educational and research initiatives, esteemed faculty members, engineering student chapters affiliated with professional societies, and the diverse array of ongoing departmental activities.

Civil engineering stands as the oldest engineering discipline, responsible for the creation of many marvels in the ancient world. Today, in the face of mounting environmental and economic challenges driven by climate change and global population growth, civil engineering remains pivotal in shaping a sustainable future.

At DCEE, we have established exceptional and all-encompassing graduate and undergraduate programs. Our department's mission is further enriched through collaborations with other departments within the Faculty of Engineering, as well as various faculties and research centers across the university.

Currently, DCEE boasts a team of 15 dedicated full-time faculty members, complemented by several part-time faculty members with joint appointments. Together, they contribute to the richness of our multidisciplinary academic and research endeavors. Our alumni and industry partners play a crucial role in facilitating internships and job placements.

Over the past decade, DCEE has experienced significant growth, with both our undergraduate and graduate student populations reaching all-time highs. Presently, our department hosts more than 550 undergraduate students and nearly 25 graduate students.

As we continue to expand, we are excited to embark on a new phase of growth with the introduction of our undergraduate program in Petroleum Engineering. We are actively recruiting fresh talents to join our department, and anticipate substantial advancements in our facilities in the coming years.

We hope you find your visit enlightening, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any further information or inquiries.


Dr. Talal Salem

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