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Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering - ABET Accredited Program

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The Civil Engineering Program seeks to graduate civil engineers who use their knowledge and ability to design and construct sustainable civil and environmental engineering systems which both serve the needs of society and adhere to professional ethical standards. The program is to prepare students to engage in lifelong learning and to be leaders who understand the practical aspects of engineering along with successful management and business practices and public policy. Students and graduates are prepared to successfully compete for regional and international grants and positions.



The Faculty of Engineering (FE) was officially accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, the global accreditor of college and university programs in applied sciences, computing, engineering, and engineering technology, across the three campuses in 2016 and retroactive to Fall 2013. The programs that were accredited are the following: Civil Engineering, Computer and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. In 2022, ABET reaffirmed the FE’s accreditation for a full cycle, a follow-up to the initial certification in 2016.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. 1.Apply technical and non-technical skills to design, construct and manage sustainable projects;
  2. 2.Exhibit ethical and professional commitments to the community and the environment;
  3. 3.Pursue a life-long learning, such as graduate work and continuing education;
  4. 4.Become leaders who demonstrate strong communication, multidisciplinary teamwork, and management skills in their chosen profession.


Program Learning Outcomes (based on EAC of ABET Criteria)

The graduates of the Civil Engineering program should be able to:

  1. 1.An ability to identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics;
  2. 2.An ability to apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and  welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors;
  3. 3.An ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences;
  4. 4.An ability to recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and make informed judgments, which must consider the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts;
  5. 5.An ability to function effectively on a team whose members together provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, establish goals, plan tasks, and meet objectives;
  6. 6.An ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions;
  7. 7.An ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies.


Enrollment & Graduation Figures

Enrolled Students Fall 2023: 93
Number of Graduates 2022/2023: 53

The Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.


Graduation Requirements

To receive a degree of Bachelor of Engineering offered by the Faculty of Engineering, a student must complete a total of 150 credits with an overall GPA of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum average of 2.0/4.0 in the major requirements and technical electives. In addition all major requirements and technical elective courses must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of “C-”.



Liberal Arts Curriculum (27cr.)

Approved Professional Training (1cr.)

Free Electives (3cr.)

Include any courses at the sophomore level (200-level) or above offered by the University.

Suggested Program

Fall Semester Year I (16cr.)
CEN 202 Statics 3 cr.
PHS 206 Heat, Vibration and Waves 3 cr.
ENL 213 Sophomore English Rhetoric 3 cr.
CEN 271 Civil Engineering CAD 1 cr.
ENG 200 Introduction to Engineering 2 cr.
MAT 213 Calculus III 3 cr.
Introduction to Engineering Laboratory
1 cr.
Spring Semester Year I (16cr.)
CEN 203 Mechanics of Materials 3 cr.
CEN 250 Surveying 2 cr.
CEN 251 Field Surveying 1 cr.
PHS 275 Experimental Physics I 1 cr.
ENG 202 Computers and Engineering 3 cr.
MAT 224 Calculus IV 3 cr.
MAT 215 Linear Algebra I 3 cr.
Summer Session Year I (9cr.)
ENL 230/223/231 Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) 3 cr.
Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) 6 cr.
Fall Semester Year II (17cr.)
CEN 204 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory 1 cr.
CEN 210 Structures I 3 cr.
CEN 220 Soil Mechanics 3 cr.
MAT 235 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 cr.
GEO 201 Physical Geology 3 cr.
CHM 211 Principles of Chemistry 3 cr.
PHS 373 Experimental Physics III
1 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (17cr.)
CEN 311 Structures II 3 cr.
CEN 221 Soil Mechanics Laboratory 1 cr.
Principle of Chemistry Laboratory
1 cr.
Electric Circuits
3 cr.
MEN 215 Introduction to Thermal and Fluid Sciences 3 cr.
MEN 201 Dynamics 3 cr.
BIO 204 Environmental Biology 3 cr.
Summer Session Year II (9cr.)
MAT 339 Numerical Analysis 3 cr.
Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) 6 cr.
Fall Semester Year III (17cr.)
MAT 326 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 3 cr.
CEN 392 Engineering Economy 3 cr.
CEN 330 Concrete Design I 3 cr.
CEN 360 Hydraulics 3 cr.
Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) 3 cr.
Free Elective 2cr.
Spring Semester Year III (16cr.)
CEN 343 Transportation Engineering I 3 cr.
CEN 361 Hydraulics Laboratory 1 cr.
CEN 320 Foundation Engineering 3 cr.
CEN 362 Environmental Engineering
3 cr.
CEN 463 Water and Wastewater Networks 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) 3 cr.
Summer Session Year III (1cr.)
CEN 489 Approved Professional Training 1 cr.
Fall Semester Year IV (17cr.)
CEN 443 Transportation Engineering II 3 cr.
CEN 431 Concrete and Pavement Design Laboratory 1 cr.
CEN 440 Steel Design 3 cr.
CEN 461 Water Pollution Control and Treatment
3 cr.
CEN 598 Engineering Design I 1 cr.

Technical Elective 3 cr.

Technical Elective 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year IV (15cr.)
CEN 599 Engineering Design II 2 cr.
CEN 365 Environmental Engineering Laboratory 1 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) 3 cr.

Free Elective 3 cr.

Technical Elective 6 cr.


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