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Objectives and Outcomes

The objective of this minor is to enhance the exposure of engineering students to project management methods, planning, engineering economy, and leadership. It aims to equip students with the essential tools for effectively managing technical projects in an interdisciplinary environment. This minor is designed to prepare engineering students, regardless of their engineering discipline, by providing specific and valuable management skills, enabling them to use technology more effectively. The goal is to graduate engineers who possess a comprehensive understanding of the market and financial aspects related to engineering projects.


The Minor in Engineering Management program is available to NDU undergraduate engineering students in their second or third year of studies, who are in good academic standing (GPA > 2.0). To enroll in the program, an application, approved by the advisor and the Faculty, is required.

Application Procedure

An Application Form is accessible at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students must submit a petition through their advisor and attach the Application Form. All application forms must be received by July 10 for fall enrollment and January 10 for spring enrollment. Late or incomplete application forms will not be considered.

Withdrawal Procedure

To withdraw from the Minor in Engineering Management, a petition must be submitted through the advisor.

Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Minor Program

NDU aims to provide students with the programs they need for their future and offers them the opportunity to design their own Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Minor program. Students who would like to explore this option have to fill in the minor proposal with the collaboration of the concerned Faculty and Office of the Registrar. For guidelines, rules and regulations of the Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Minor, kindly refer to the Office of Registrar.


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