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Note from the Dean


In this period of uncertainty in the country, the Faculty of Engineering (FE) at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) remains strong and dynamic. The past few years have been full of unprecedented events and challenges, to say the least. 
Rather than slow down, the FE took important initiatives to adjust to the challenges. Its strong constitution is evidenced by the resilience during perturbed periods.
In terms of education, the recent events imposed a readjustment of teaching methods, paving the way towards a gradual return to our long cherished campus life. In parallel, our students showed they are motivated self-learners and eager citizens, who use their skills to perform community services.
Faculty response was equally impressive with several taken initiatives. They implemented innovative ways of teaching and on the ground, to tailor to student’s needs. Most importantly, our faculty remain role models in their ethics and commitment to excellence.
The current body of the FE extends to the Engineering Alumni at NDU, which attained a significant size since its inception in 1996. Our Alumni, across the world, have distinguished themselves in their leadership and innovative skills.
Our strength lies in the rigor of our training, and our spirit of support. Students, faculty, alumni and professional partners form a strong constituent of NDU aiming to prepare students to venture in their professional life with full confidence. Our ABET accredited engineering programs make our graduates an asset to the community.
I invite you to join our team in an exceptional memorable journey at NDU.


Dr. Jacques Harb, Dean

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