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Abbot Semaan Abou Abdou, Vice-President for Administration and Finance  


Office of Campus Services

Sayed Ghossain, Director
Diala El Mast, Administrative Assistant to the Director    


Department of General Services

Elie Najem, Assistant Director, General Services
Carol Habchi, Senior Officer, General Services

Marie El Achkar, Operator, Front Desk Services
Nehme Nassif, Junior Officer, Mail Services
George Adem, Driver
Michael Antoun, Driver
George Charara, Driver
Pierre Khoueiry, Driver

Jad Khalil, Driver

Joseph Azzi, Officer, Classroom Services
Elie Yammine, Junior Officer, Classroom Services

Josephine Ghsoub, Clerk, Housekeeping Services 


Department of Security Services

George Tahtah, Senior Officer, Security Services

Office of Procurement 

Eddy Lteif, Director

Claire Hoballah, Senior Officer

Fady Bteich, Senior Officer 

Khattar Hajj, Junior Officer
Charles Abi Nader, Senior Officer, Receiving
Edward Nakhle, Senior Officer, Warehouse
Charbel Sleiman, Junior Officer, Warehouse
Mansour Abi Aoun, Officer, Inventory

Office of Physical Plant

Pierre Azar, Director

Gisele Mrad, Administrative Assistant to the Director


Department of Landscaping

Maher Ghostine, Assistant Director, Landscaping

Marwan Beyrouthy, Gardener

Assaad Wehaibe, Gardener
Nemer Ghanem, Gardener

Amine Chalitta, Gardener 

Tony Ghanem, Gardener

Charbel Ghadsar, Gardener


Department of Maintenance

Elias Assaad,Head
Sleiman Merhej, Junior Officer
Michel Tannous, Junior Officer
Francois Kahi, Junior Officer
Jean Khater, Junior Officer
Georges Mhanna, Junior Officer

Rabih Hamouch, Junior Officer

Department of Grounds Inspection

Joseph Bou Nassif, Senior Grounds Inspector, Office of Physical Plant, Grounds Inspection


Office of Information Technology

Dr. Fawzi Baroud, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology


Department of Infrastructure and Support

Nazih Khalil, Director, Infrastructure and Support
Ziad Azzi, Assistant Director, Infrastructure and Support
Bachir Abou Halloun, Head, Technical Support
Charbel Badr, Senior HelpDesk
Elias Nemer Khalaf, Senior HelpDesk

Rawad Khalil, Junior HelpDesk


Department of Applications and Software Development

Nathalie El Kallasi Rechdan, Director, Applications and Software Development
Sylvana Youssef Ghosh, Assistant Director
Antoine Saber, System Analyst and Programmer

Georgio Semaan, Senior Programmer
Mariella Badawi, Programmer

Georges Azzi, Programmer


Department of Network and Security

Fadi Khalil, Assistant Director 

Pierre Hajj Youssef, Network Support Technician


E-Learning Center

Dr. Dany Azzi, Director

Brigitta Kassis, Assistant Director
Sahar Nassar Madi, Senior Instructional Designer


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