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Department of Athletics

Physical activity is an essential part of human development, promoting better academic performance, reduced stress, increased self-confidence, and teamwork skills. This page highlights the various athletic activities and services that NDU provides.

The Department of Athletics (DA) at NDU encourages a healthy and active lifestyle through the provision of sports, activities and gym facilities. Students may choose from a wide variety of sports activities, including Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Taekwondo etc.

Students can have access to NDU Basketball and Tennis outdoor courts.

A multipurpose gym for bodybuilding and fitness, Zumba and aerobic fitness classes, martial arts classes such as Aikido and Taekwondo, and dancing is available for use by the NDU community at large.

Grants for Excellence

Join any of the sports activities show professional sports ability and dedication, and you may receive a grant fixed at 10% of your tuition, which can also be added on any other grant you are already benefitting from. First-division or national team players will have 20% sports grant on their tuition. If you are an Elite player, the DA will be also opening up the opportunity so you can join NDU through the “sports scouting scholarship” and get 50% scholarship on your tuition.


For more information contact the Department of Athletics, Office of Student Affairs at 09-208000 ext. 2561/2563, or via e-mail at athletics@ndu.edu.lb.

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