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Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) is unique among Lebanese institutions in the sense that we made it to the top tier at a national scale over a very short period of time. The relatively young NDU is accredited by the prestigious “New England Commission of Higher Education” (NECHE) and hosts multiple programs based on the American liberal arts model that are accredited by top accrediting bodies in their respective fields.  Quality is thus the driving force behind our education system at NDU.

Our mission and values derived from the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Maronite Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary uniquely positions the Institution to address the complex challenges of the country in a worrisome 21st century. The free education to all was mandated by the Order three centuries ago and continuing along the same line of thought, we offer top-quality education at very affordable price, the bare minimum needed to meet the demands of a modern education system. The student-centered approach the University is adopting speaks for that, and the results are more than 25,000 brilliant alumni spread all over the world with many of them holding key positions in their respective fields.

The whole story was made possible thanks to the commitment and the efforts of a great team of faculty, staff, and students. Our strong commitment to teaching excellence is complemented by up-to-date scholarship and research. Students have the extraordinary opportunity to be coached by faculty who strive to give the best and be supported by staff members who care. Our ultimate goal is to see them all ready for a demanding job market as well as for a life guided by our values. This is made possible through multiple academic programs and research activities that provide endless opportunities to foster innovation in different areas, excellence in scholarship, lifelong learning, enlightened citizenship, moral solidarity, and belief in God.

The exceptional vision of successive Priest-Presidents has guided the University’s development on the path to success. It is true that we are facing problems nowadays, resulting mainly from the challenging environment in which the University is operating, but these problems are an invitation to persevere and make a difference in an era of major crises. This is not the first time we experience challenges, and it won’t probably be the last. Together we will move forward on the path of success to provide quality services to our community and beyond.

I am proud to be part of NDU at this very critical phase in its history. It is a highly enriching experience to work with outstanding people to serve exceptional students with their parents and families. Please feel free to surf this website to discover more about our activities and achievements, and don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you might have.

Dr. Michel El Hayek

Vice-President for Academic Affairs

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