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Department of Student Life

Authorizing Absences

The Attendance Policy at NDU stipulates that: Students should attend all classes and laboratory sessions on time. Absences, whether authorized or not, even if below the maximum number (specified below), may alter one’s grade substantially. The Office of Student Affairs alone authorizes absences. No absence absolves a student from responsibility regarding the material presented during his or her absence. The maximum number of absences permitted in classes that meet on MWF days is 6 and on TTH or MW days is 4, and in the summer session, is 4. Any student whose absences exceed the maximum limit shall automatically be considered as having failed the course unless the student withdraws.

The Department of Student Life follows up with students facing attendance problems and investigates every case closely and accurately under the Dean of Students’ supervision.

Students who miss classes or evaluations for medical reasons should contact the University physician within 48 hours of their sickness. Those who miss classes or evaluations for non-medical reasons should visit the Department of Student Life with sufficient evidence to justify the absence and secure an excuse.


International Student Services

The International Student Services program provides support for international students at NDU. It helps them to integrate within the NDU community and build relationships with other students. International students are urged to visit the Office of Student Affairs upon arrival and on a regular basis.

For more information, contact the Department of Student Life at 09-208000 ext. 2045 or via e-mail at sao@ndu.edu.lb.


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