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Payment Details

Method I

Upon showing their ID number, students can go to any Byblos Bank or Bank of Beirut branch and pay in cash.

Method II

Payment in cash at the Business Office at Notre Dame University-Louaize. 

Method III

Payment through Byblos Bank ATMs 24/7 by following the steps below:
1. Select “Cardless Transactions” on the Byblos Bank ATM screen.

2. Select “Tuition and Payment Services.”

3. Choose Notre Dame University-Louaize between the University/School options.

4. Enter your identifier, such as your student ID.

5. Proceed with the cash deposit. 


Method IV

Students can make payments through OMT (all branches) by presenting their ID number.

This option is currently applicable only for students enrolled in the Main campus.


Failure to abide by the deadlines set for the settlement of the three installments will result in a fine of USD 50 for every delayed installment.

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