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Welcome to the Academic Affairs Office. The responsibilities of this office are directly related to all teaching/learning activities at the University.
A substantial role of the Academic Affairs Office is to plan for academic excellence in the University. This requires a strategic plan that is able to secure competency, scholarship, and professional deal with knowledge at the undergraduate and graduate levels of learning. A team of academic leaders who believe in educational development is necessary in the growth of every institution of higher education. Please do contact the vice president's office any time you feel that you may contribute in this process of intellectual development


Academic Support Services are managed by the Assistant Vice-President for Academic Support (AVPAS), who, on behalf of the VPAA, supervises the following academic support offices and units: University Libraries, Students Affairs, Admissions, and Registrar.


Coordination of academic advising at NDU is intended to ensure appropriate advising to students. Following admission to the University, students are referred to faculty advisors who assist them in the selection of appropriate courses. The Faculty Advisory Service also helps students take academic decisions based on their abilities, interests, and goals, following up their academic progress throughout their university years and helping them to, when needed, reconsider their choices of major. Students are encouraged to seek information and assistance from faculty advisors on all matters relating to their educational plans.
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