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A Letter from the Secretary-General

When you are trying to achieve your personal legend, the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” Paolo Coelho - The Alchemist


The above quote is probably one of the best words which apply to our daily lives that I have ever come across. Anyone who tries to live a life of achievements and persistence to rise above others will relate to them. The reason why this holds true is that whenever we try to achieve something so dear to our hearts, we find ourselves constantly blessed by positive surroundings and support towards our goals. Though the road ahead may seem hard to follow, with determination and perseverance, we can do anything.

Dearest delegates, you come to our conference with a mission to prove yourselves to others, to prove just how powerful or knowledgeable you are, how hard you can fight to reach a resolution, and how much in character you can remain. You are the youth that can create the change you wish to see in the world. I urge you, in these pressing times, to keep fighting for the future you want. Fight life the same way you may fight in the conference, and be certain that the moment you decide to reach your personal goal is the moment the universe will stand by you, because the universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

On behalf of my fellow executives, we welcome you into our conference and cannot wait to see just what you have in store for us.

We wish you all the luck in your endeavors.

See you all soon.

Stephanie Sleilati

Secretary General, NDU MUN 2020

Student Leading Team

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