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Acknowledging the Rule of Law as the core premise for societal civility and development, the program aims at providing students with the most evolved education of all legal systems: Romano-Germanic, Civil Law, Common Law, Islamic Law, and all branches of Law: public, private, Comparative, domestic, and international Law. It also aims at graduating successful jurists who emerge as professional and societal leaders in pursuit of justice; committing themselves to ethical service of clients and the public, defending Human Rights and stand out as the ultimate vanguards of proper Citizenship and the Rule of Law.

Program Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Law program aims to:

  1. 1.Prepare students to pass the license exam;
  2. 2.Equip students with adequate theoretical and research background to follow graduate studies in the fields of Law;
  3. 3.Provide students with skills to integrate technology and learned professional techniques into practice;;
  4. 4.Install leadership and efficient management qualities in graduates;
  5. 5.Integrate ethical principles and lifelong learning in future professional practice;
  6. 6.Develop an understanding of LAW in both Arabic and English language.


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from the Law program, students shall be able to:

  1. 1.Demonstrate an understanding of all legal systems (Romano-Germanic, Common Law, and Islamic Law);
  2. 2.Demonstrate an understanding of domestic and international Law;
  3. 3.Demonstrate an understanding of comparative Law;
  4. 4.Demonstrate an understanding of private and public Law;
  5. 5.Develop an understanding of banking, commercial, financial, and investment Law;
  6. 6.Develop art of oral argument;
  7. 7.Develop an understanding of different Lebanese Laws: civil law, commercial law, criminal law, procedure law, banking law, personal status law, intellectual property law, labor law, arbitration law, contract law, tort law, administrative law, real estate law, international criminal law, constitutional law, civil liberties and human rights, maritime and air law, obligations law, public and private international law;
  8. 8.Stipulate contracts, legal consultations, legal research, judgments and arbitration awards;
  9. 9.Develop an understanding of Law in both Arabic and English language.


Professional Life

The study of the program, the resulting skills acquisition and readiness of students prepare them for a professional life by enabling them to:

  1. 1.Join the Beirut or Tripoli Bar Association in Lebanon;
  2. 2.Join the Institute of Judicial Studies in Lebanon;
  3. 3.Apply to become a public notary;
  4. 4.Apply to any public or private job-whether administrative, advisory, or diplomatic;
  5. 5.Work in the trade sector and the private investment sector in both Lebanon and abroad;
  6. 6.Work as a legal advisor in both Lebanon and abroad;
  7. 7.Work as a university professor in both Lebanon and abroad;
  8. 8.Work in official national, international, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  9. 9.Continue to study the Law in both Lebanon and abroad at higher levels of study (L.L.M., J.D., Ph.D.).


In its academic endeavor to fulfil its mission and as essential part of the implementation of its share of the NDU Mission in building “enlightened citizenship” for a civil society and “world of truth, justice, love and freedom,” under the rule of law, the Faculty developed the program of the Lebanese Bachelor of Law that answers the need for a better education of Law.

The new program accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and High Education adds the English language component and the American educational approach to law studies. It maintains excellence in the coverage of the State required materials and augments them with a wealth of additional courses dealing with contemporary and futuristic topics, and using the most advanced teaching methodologies and techniques. Our graduating jurists will enrich the profession with new expertise and perceptions, acquired with the highest international standards of academic excellence, enhancing their service capabilities to the community and the employment opportunities with local, regional and international firms, properly connecting Lebanon and its institutions to the globalized markets, laws and systems.

However, this curriculum and this degree do not allow the students to join any Bar Association in any foreign country unless after fulfilling the requirement set forth by each country.

Graduation Requirements

Students seeking the degree of Bachelor of Law must complete a total of 140 credits, with an overall average of at least 2.0/4.0, and a minimum average of 2.0/4.0 in the major requirements. Students seeking the degree of  all other Bachelor of Arts must complete a total of 105 credits with an overall average of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum average of 2.3/4.0 in the major requirements.




Total 140 Credits
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