Risk and Insurance Law - LAW 460

A study of risk and the risk management process begins the course. Types of applications to risk management include commercial risk, personal risk, and public risk. Each kind of insurance product is described fully and analyzed within the current marketplace. The course provides in-depth analysis of the processing, investing and evaluation of risk management. This course will also provide students with an understanding of:
• How insurance works, what types of risks are suitable for private insurance and what risk a characteristics are “uninsurable”;
• How to read and interpret an insurance policy;
• Fundamentals principles and characteristics of property and casualty insurance;
• What is a liability insurer’s “duty to defend”;
• What is a “reservation of rights” and what are its consequences to insurer and to insured; and
• Multiple theories of insurer extra contractual liability (aka “Bad Faith” Law).
Language of Instruction: English (legal terms, however, are also given in Arabic and French).