Legal Methodology - LAW 251

This course seeks to provide students who are commencing their studies in Law with the key discipline and specific skills required to study and eventually practice Civil and Common Law successfully. Students will work individually and in groups on a range of research, information retrieval, and intellectual techniques central to legal study. Beginning with the study of case law and the methods for developing, applying legal principles, and doctrine. The course continues to examine the interpretation and analysis of legal documents while teaching the fundamental skills of effective legal writing. The final assessment will combine all of these skills to assist the students to prepare a legal brief on a specified area of law, to recognize the sources of Civil and Common Law, to read and understand primary and secondary legal sources, to understand the doctrine of precedent, to locate and collect relevant materials for legal research, and to construct an argument in response to a legal problem question.
Language of Instruction: Arabic (legal terms, however, are also given in English and French).