Civil Law VIII: Inheritance, Will, and Donation - LAW 402

This course examines the following topics in the various Lebanese religious groups recognized by the Constitution:
• Inheritance: Opening of a succession, maturity of a succession, degrees (ranks) of heirs, capacity to inherit, regulations of absent, forms of a succession (intestate succession, estate in escheat, succession bestowed by will, succession accepted with beneficio in ventarii), disposal of an estate, executor (administrator), settlement of a succession;
• Will: Reading of a will, testamentary capacity, disposable portion, legatee, forms (authentic will, holograph will, nuncupative will, joint venture will), executor of a will;
• Donation: Validity, animus donandi, promise of donation, forms (donation mortis causa, specific legs, general legacy, concealed donation, donation through an intermediary, manual donation, donationpartition), defeasance of donation.
Prerequisites: LAW 203, LAW 301.
Language of Instruction: Arabic (legal terms, however, are also given in English and French).