Information and Communications Technologies - LAW 370

The integration of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in our daily activities enables businesses and individuals to inform, communicate, and engage in transactions. This opens up a wide spectrum of opportunities and a variety of legal and regulatory issues. The course examines the relationship between ICT and Law in three principle areas:
• ICT Law: The first area develops the different ICT generations (data processing, multimedia, internet, social media, mobile, etc.).
• Lebanese ICT laws.
• International ICT laws (Europe, U.S.A., and others): The second and the third areas examine ICT laws at a national and international level. The following topics will be covered:
- Digital rights, privacy, and security (right to data protection, how data processing should be regulated in the information society, etc.);
- Intellectual property;
- Media and electronic communications regulation (regulation of media and communications, content regulation of print media, broadcasting, and problems relating the convergence of media and communications);
- Media Law (legal regulation of mass media publication, principally the press, the broadcast media and institutionalized internet publication, etc.);
- Internet Law;
- Electronic Commerce Law (jurisdiction, payment systems, interfacing ICT Law and Commercial Law, etc.);
- Electronic Government Law.
Language of Instruction: English (legal terms, however, are also given in Arabic and French).