Corporate Governance Law - LAW 465

This course will address corporate governance from an organizational and institutional point of view: It will illustrate how corporate governance has evolved over time and will cover both theory and relevant practices. In terms of content, the course will:
• Highlight the main issues of corporate governance (e.g., the business structure of the firm; institutional investors’ role in the private and public corporation; the relationships between the owners, the board, and firm management; and the relationships between the company and its major stakeholders);
• Provide concrete examples of “good” and “bad” corporate governance; outline key principles of corporate governance; present the main tools for assessing corporate governance practices;
• Discuss the relevant theories underlying corporate governance practices (e.g., theories of organizations, institutions, governance, organizational behavior, leadership, new institutional economics, power, and agency).
Prerequisites: LAW 305.
Language of Instruction: English (legal terms, however, are also given in Arabic and French).