Liberties and Human Rights - LAW 261

This course provides a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of Human Rights and Civil Liberties: International humanitarian issues, refugee rights and laws, disaster and emergency relief, apartheid and racial discrimination, drug abuse, judicial activism, and global and regional perspectives of human rights.
The subjects include:
• Conceptual and theoretical understanding of Human Rights and Civil Liberties;
• Systems, organizations, and instruments of Human Rights and Civil Liberties;
• Contemporary Human Rights situations and issues;
• Specialization course, such as:
- Activism and roles of NGOs, Amnesty International, and the Red Cross, as well as Rights of the Child and Human Rights;
- Women and Human Rights, Religion and Human Rights, Population and Human Rights;
- Legislation specific themes in Human Rights: International, Regional and National Human Rights Provisions;
- Violation specific themes in Human Rights: Torture, custodial violence and disappearances; pretrial detention, under trials and prisoners; Human Rights and police; Human Rights during emergency;
- Refugee specific themes in Human Rights: Refugee laws; refugee protections; refugee status and humanitarian assistance; refugee problems in Lebanon; and
- Awareness, Teaching, Research, and Implementation: Human Rights Education, Teaching and Training;
Human Rights and Peace, nonviolence, and conflict resolution; implementing Human Rights standards and required legal aid; remedies and reforms; role of the judiciary, public interest litigation and media.

Language of Instruction: English (legal terms, however, are also given in Arabic and French).