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The mission of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design program is to train students to acquire creative and analytical processes that integrate Design and technology, to communicate ideas and information from a client to an audience, and to become innovators and leaders in print and screen related areas of professional practice. The Graphic Design program, furthermore, encourages exploration through problem-solving methodologies, innovative investigations, and creative research in all forms of communication. The program is dedicated to excellence in teaching, academic and creative research, and professional practice by focusing on creative and intellectual thinking, awareness of individual, social and cultural issues in a global context, the integration of new technology and the concern for ethical implications and the natural environment.


Program Description

Graphic Design is a dynamic and analytical discipline that seamlessly melds design and technology to convey ideas and information from clients to audiences. The primary objective of the Graphic Design curriculum is to nurture students into forward-thinking innovators and leaders in both print and digital realms of professional practice.

The Graphic Design program actively promotes exploration through problem-solving methodologies, pioneering inquiries, and creative research across all facets of communication. Our program is unwaveringly committed to delivering excellence in teaching, fostering academic and creative research, and nurturing professional skills.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program aims to cultivate proficient graphic designers by emphasizing creative and intellectual thinking, fostering awareness of individual, social, and cultural considerations within a global context, integrating cutting-edge technology, and addressing ethical considerations and environmental concerns.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design is a comprehensive 3-year full-time program, encompassing a total of 102 credits.


Program Educational Objectives

The BA in Graphic Design program offered by the Department of Design at the Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Design (FAAD), aims at:

  1. 1.Providing the learner with the proper exposure to enhance reflective approach to design and foster critical thinking.
  2. 2.Developing the intellectual and theoretical backgrounds of the students through the study of modern and contemporary history and theories of Graphic Design.
  3. 3.Increasing student’s awareness with respect to social issues, cultural and global themes, and awareness of the individual.
  4. 4.Preparing the learner for professional practice.


Program Learning Outcomes

Graphic Design graduates will:

  1. 1.Develop design and communication skills.
  2. 2.Practice critical thinking in design research.
  3. 3.Relate cultural and historical knowledge to problem-solving.
  4. 4.Implement design solutions related to client needs and social issues.
  5. 5.Manage design projects including various variables.
  6. 6.Appraise professionally and ethically the requirements of clients and the project.


Admission Requirements

In addition to the University admission requirements, prospective candidates must complete any remedial English course(s) the first year of enrollment. Students who fail to meet the above requirements will not be allowed to proceed to the degree courses in Graphic Design and other majors in the Design Department of the Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Design. All first-year applicants must complete the Admission Requirements.



Graduation Requirements

To receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, a student must complete a total of 102 credits with an overall GPA of at least 2.0/4.0. All major courses with a grade of less than “C” must be repeated. The 102 credits necessary for graduation are divided as follows:



Liberal Arts Curriculum (27cr.)

Free Electives (6cr.)

Suggested Program

Fall Semester Year I (15cr.)
GDP 213 Digital Sketching for Graphic Design
3 cr.
GDP 214 Fundamental of Graphic Design
3 cr.
GDP 217 Conceptual Communication in Digital Media 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.
Spring Semester Year I (15cr.)
GDP 319 Color for Graphic Designers
3 cr.
GDP 323 History of Graphic Design and Contemporary Issues 3 cr.
GDP 223 Fundamentals of Typography
3 cr.
GDP 227 Digital Media I
3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.
Summer Session Year I (6cr.)

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
6 cr.
Fall Semester Year II (15cr.)
GDP 318 Info Graphics
3 cr.
GDP 317 Digital Media II 3 cr.
GDP 322 Applied Typographic Design 3 cr.
GDP 324 Photography for Graphic Designers I 3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.
Spring Semester Year II (15cr.)
GDP 321 Visual Communication 3 cr.
GDP 325 Sustainable Graphic Design
3 cr.
GDP 361 Type Design and Experimental Typography 3 cr.
GDP 362 Introduction to Motion Graphics 3 cr.
3 cr.
Summer Session Year II (6cr.)
    Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
6 cr.
Fall Semester Year III (15cr.)
GDP 413 Print Management and Production 3 cr.
GDP 415 Branding for Design 3 cr.
GDP 463 Environmental Graphics and Arabic Type Design
3 cr.
GDP 464 Type in Motion 3 cr.
GDP 416 Collaborative Design for Change 3 cr.
Spring Semester Year III (15cr.)
GDP 423 Professional Practice and Portfolio Preparation
3 cr.
GDP 465 Senior Studio
3 cr.

Free Elective
3 cr.

Free Elective
3 cr.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)
3 cr.


Total 102 Credits
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