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The Master of Art in Design program is designed for students of Visual Arts and Design who wish to engage in a further period of study as a continuum from their bachelor studies. It is also designed for experienced students who wish to raise their intellectual and professional experience in a field of study, following a period of work in industry or in the professions associated with design.


Program Description

The post-graduate status of the Master Program derives from the emphasis given to the relationship between theoretical concepts and the practical realization of a problem, theory and practice at an informed and exploratory level.

The post-graduate status also derives from a teaching approach which lays considerable emphasis upon the managerial and professional aspects of project research and development designed to raise the standards of the successful implementation of the subjects in the professional, applied context of society and industry.

Finally, the post-graduate status of the course allows the student to disengage from the daily pursuit of tasks in their field, which are normally carried out under constraints which limit their exploration of the subject in a holistic sense. Instead, the student is enabled to look deeply into the context of their work, the history and theory, the practice and achievement of specialists in this and other countries on an international, global scale.

The impacts of traditional, new and developing technologies are studied. Graduates of the course can keep abreast of current trends by providing themselves with the intellectual network and contacts necessary to remain fully informed throughout their future professional lives; a benefit to themselves, and their employers.

Master students are able to follow their intellectual and creative discoveries to a depth and distance which will give the opportunity to create pilot schemes and projects which can be developed in the true scientific manner of trial and error: Testing, revision and proposals for further development. Thus, building a body of knowledge on their subject provides the basis for further pioneering and exploratory work, creatively and technically.

The program aims:

  1. 1.To extend and further develop the intellectual, professional and technical skills of graduates and of mid-career practicing designers
  2. 2.To explore the social and cultural context within which the processes of designing take place
  3. 3.To support the individual in developing high-level research ability and to explore the interrelationship of theory and practice.


Admission Requirements

The MA in Design is set for students from the several disciplines that are embraced by the term “visual arts and designs” who wish to engage in a period of study beyond the BA level and raise their intellectual and/or professional experience associated with visual arts and/or design.

Students with bachelor’s degrees from other disciplines are invited into the program after they have fulfilled undergraduate requirements of the University admissions policy. In addition to the University admission requirements for graduate students, the candidate must submit a portfolio of work for assessment and schedule an interview with the MA course Faculty.

In order to be accepted into the program, students must take a minimum of 6 credits per semester as a part-time candidate and 9 credits as a full-time candidate.




Although transfer is not generalized, some credits from major universities can be transferable upon admission by the Graduate Committee. A transferred course must be passed at the grade of 80, according to the University Grading Bylaws.

In addition, applicants for the graduate program may be granted a maximum of nine transfer credits of graduate studies taken at another accredited institution of higher education provided that the transfer course(s) correspond to the NDU course requirements.


Graduation Requirements

Students pursuing the Master of Design degree must satisfy the graduation requirements of the University, which include completing 36 credits. The minimum passing grade for a graduate course is C. Graduate students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0 across all courses taken for their graduate programs, with no more than 2 occurrences of a grade of C per program.


Suggested Program

Fall Semester (6-12cr.)



Design Research Methodologies




Contemporary Issues in Design




Design Studio I


Spring Semester (6-12cr.)



Design Research Development




Cultural Issues in Design




Design Studio II


Fall Semester (6cr.)



Thesis I




Special Topic


Spring Semester Year 2 (6cr.)
MAD 645 Thesis II 6cr.


Minimum Cumulative GPA
Total 36 Credits
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