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Objectives and Outcomes

This minor is ideal for students who believe in the alchemy of the still image and its creative and inspiring process. Out of all the visual communication media, photography stands out for its power in freezing time and capturing the essence of the real. Used in every discipline, it manages to travel through the eye to reach the mind and engrave its codes in the heart. New digital technologies and traditional techniques are merged here to offer pioneering creative methods in this challenging field. 
Students who choose this minor will acquire solid analytical, intellectual and technical skills necessary for the development of a consistent photographic body of work. It is the hope that such a Minor can enrich the lives of the students by introducing a creative medium and sufficient skill to produce work.

Career Opportunities

Students can work as freelancers responding to the creative and artistic needs of the market such as advertising, editorials, fashion, and documentaries. They could also work as creative directors as well as photojournalists.


Suggested Program

Semester 1 (3cr.)
PDP 201 Basic Photography 3 cr.
Semester 2 (3cr.)
PDP 227 Grain to Pixel 3 cr.
Semester3 (6cr.)
PDP 311 Branding in Photography 3 cr.
PDP 312 Glamour and Fashion 3 cr.
Semester 4 (cr.)
PDP 321 Photojournalism and Documentary
PDP 323 Time and Space
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