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Advantages of IAA Accreditation

The International Advertising Association (IAA) aims to accredit formal education programs that prepare students for the global commercial communications industry. The IAA accreditation program has a twenty-year track record of success, with 44 leading universities, colleges, and professional schools worldwide holding IAA course accreditation. Our certificate is globally recognized and signifies accreditation by the most prominent Advertising Association. We are the only Lebanese university with this accreditation, which has enabled us to participate in IAA competitions, conferences in Lebanon, and abroad.

1. International industry recognition of course content quality.
2. Listing on the IAA Global website.
3. Access to exclusive educational resources for classroom use.
4. Networking and interaction opportunities with global industry professionals.
5. Potential internship program opportunities.
6. The IAA Certificate of Completion awarded to approved graduates.
7. Profiling of accredited Academic Experts and their relevant research areas.
8. Local IAA Chapter support promoting industry/academic engagement and collaboration.
9. IAA Young Professional support and mentorship opportunities for students.
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