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Faculty Profile

The Faculty of Humanities plays two roles in the academic life of the university. The first is to offer degree-granting programs on both the undergraduate and graduate levels and the second is to provide a large array of general education requirement courses, foreign language courses, and special programs designed for students at the various stages of their academic careers.


Academic Departments and Programs

Four departments are housed under the Faculty of Humanities:

  • Department of English and Translation
  • Department of Psychology, Education and Physical Education
  • Department of Media Studies
  • Department of Religious, Cultural and Philosophical Studies

The Department of English and Translation:
  • BA English Language
  • BA Translation and Interpretation
  • MA English Language and Literature
  • MA Translation
  • Minor in Arabic
  • Minor in English
  • Minor in Translation
  • Minor in French
  • Summer Arabic Program


The Department of Psychology, Education and Physical Education:

  • BA Psychology - Clinical Psychology Emphasis
  • BA Psychology - Educational Psychology Emphasis
  • BA Psychology - Industrial Psychology Emphasis
  • BA Education - Basic Education
  • BA Physical Education and Sport
  • MA Psychology - Educational Psychology Emphasis
  • MA Education
  • Teaching Diploma
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Minor in Physical Education


The Department of Media Studies:

  • BA Advertising and Marketing
  • BA Communication Arts - Journalism and Electronic Media Emphasis
  • BA Communication Arts - Radio and Television Emphasis
  • MA Media Studies - Advertising Emphasis
  • MA Media Studies - Television Management and Production Emphasis
  • MA Media Studies - Electronic Journalism and Public Relations Emphasis
  • Minor in Advertising and Marketing
  • Minor in Radio and Television
  • Minor in Journalism
  • Minor in Public Relations

The Department of Religious, Cultural and Philosophical Studies:
  • Minor in Philosophy
  • Minor in Sociology
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