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Note from the Chair

Faculty members and students at the department of architecture engage their efforts in undertaking high academic standards. Consequently, the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) at the Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) Ramez G. Chaghoury Faculty of Arts, Architecture and Design (FAAD) is now recognized by the French Ministry of Culture as being equivalent to the “Diplôme d’État d’Architecte Français”. This recognition enables our graduates to continue their studies or work in France with the right to be included in a regional registry of the National Order of Architects. With the historical and cultural ties between France and Lebanon, this recognition will give our graduates the opportunity to nurture and deepen this relationship.

The School is dedicated to promote a comprehensive and a diverse platform for critical thinking. This is maintained through design studios, technical workshops and theoretical modules.  In architecture, we design with social awareness where urban development highlights the public good.

The department offers the Masters in Architecture program in Urban Design and the Masters in Architecture program in Sustainable Architecture. The urban design concentration area addresses contemporary urban issues related to environment, the public realm, urban transportation along with the development and regeneration of critical urban areas. The sustainable architecture concentration area introduces students to simulation training pertaining to architects, case study application along with passive energy design.

‘Architecture thinking’ is about problem solving, forming and constructing! The inheritance of novelty and precision rooted in an architectural education is unbeatable. The design studios and the persistent thrust and ambition for innovative solutions that amend old prototypes to yield something original are distinctive to architectural education. Our educational offerings at the school include architecture, Urban design and sustainable programs.

Creating value at the school of architecture is sustained through its impact on where we live and work. We focus on connecting the role of the architect and the design expert to the norm of social responsibility that links the excellence of design to humanity and the utmost of the wellbeing. The basic morals and standards are deliberated in every course at different levels. Based on that belief, the basic human presence in synchronization with our traditional ecological unit is enhanced.

Dr. Hani Zgheib

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