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Note from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Music at the Ramez G. Chagoury Faculty of Architecture, Arts, and Design (RC FAAD), nestled within Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU). As Chairperson, I'm thrilled to guide you through our diverse programs that are tailored to your musical aspirations.

Our undergraduate offerings span three captivating and interdisciplinary fields of study: Musicology, Musimedialogy, and Jazz Music. These thoughtfully crafted programs provide a comprehensive foundation in both theory and performance, propelling you toward musical excellence. Additionally, we proudly present graduate programs in Musicology, along with a Minor in Jazz Music.

At our core, we are committed to upholding academic excellence and delivering quality education. Our esteemed faculty and proficient staff play pivotal roles in maintaining these high standards. Our department is a nurturing community of musicians and scholars, united by our shared dedication to empowering students in both undergraduate and graduate programs. With diverse educational backgrounds and research expertise, we blend theoretical exploration with practical engagement, continuously evolving our methods to provide meaningful professional experiences.

Collaborative learning and performance are central to our ethos. Each year, we delight in hosting a variety of enriching events, including concerts, masterclasses, and workshops. These events offer opportunities to interact with guest musicians and renowned lecturers across musical genres. Notably, NDU stands as the sole university in Lebanon offering Bachelor's degrees and a Minor in Jazz Music. This vibrant genre resonates deeply with enthusiasts and draws students from diverse faculties and universities, fostering an appreciation for its cultural richness and distinctiveness.

Our accomplished graduates stand as testaments to the transformative power of our programs. Across concentrations, our alumni flourish as professional musicians, dedicated music educators, innovative entrepreneurs, and respected scholars. Their influence extends beyond Lebanon to Europe and the United States.

As we navigate challenges posed by recent economic fluctuations, I address the need for adaptability. In response to decreased enrollment, NDU has temporarily suspended certain academic programs, including music. This decision was made with careful consideration, and we eagerly anticipate reinstating these programs when conditions improve.

Amid these circumstances, our optimism remains steadfast. We firmly believe these challenges are temporary. We eagerly await the opportunity to reignite our programs and continue offering exceptional musical education experiences.


Dolcy Lawoun

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