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Faculty Profile


The overall aim is to provide a comprehensive and flexible range of programs in response to the educational and professional needs of the local community, the region, national and international demand, and to secure the opportunity for personal and professional development in any of the following areas: Architecture, art, or design. In more specific terms:
  • To help individuals develop their creative, intellectual, and technical abilities, and enhance their expertise to make an informed contribution to the cultural, technological, social, and economic needs of society in general;
  • To foster fundamental learning and research skills coupled with an understanding of the historical, cultural, social, and commercial arena within which those engaged in architecture, arts, and design operate;
  • To equip individuals for an array of career paths and changes in employment patterns, thus, promoting ingenuity, adaptability, and mobility;
  • To enable students at all levels to deal flexibly with varied problems and tasks and technologies.


The following departments and programs constitute the Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts & Design:
  • Department of Architecture;
  • Department of Design;
  • Department of Music.


The Department of Architecture offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of:
  • Bachelor of Architecture (172 credits).

And a graduate program leading to the degree of:
  • Master of Architecture in Urban Design / Sustainable Architecture (30 credits).

The Department of Design offers undergraduate programs leading to the degrees of:
  • B.A. in Graphic Design (102 credits);
  • B.A. in Interior Design (136 credits);
  • B.A. in Fashion Design (102 credits).
And Minors in the following fields:
  • Minor in Graphic Design (18 credits).
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