Ramez G. Chagoury Faculty of Architecture, Arts, and Design studios have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of the Architecture, Arts, and Design programs. These studios are equipped with professional drafting tables and are well-appointed to offer support for all Architecture, Design, and Fine Art courses.

MAC Computer Laboratory

Students in Graphic Design and Fashion Design programs have access to a state-of-the-art Mac Computer Laboratory furnished with the latest software to enhance their performance.

Photography Laboratory

The Photography Laboratory serves as a learning hub for Architecture, Design, Art students, as well as other disciplines at NDU. Here, students can explore the art of capturing still images, develop photographs, print, and experiment with both digital and analog photography techniques. The studios are professionally designed and equipped with cutting-edge technology, including darkrooms for analog prints, ensuring a hands-on learning experience and optimal working conditions under the guidance of qualified instructors.

Dorothy Salhab Kazemi Ceramic Workshop

The Ceramic Atelier boasts two kilns and multiple wheel tables, offering students the opportunity to engage in manual clay work, such as slab, coil building, and throwing, as well as clay enamels powder glazing. The Ceramic Atelier also features a terrace overlooking pine trees.

Metal and Wood Workshop

The Metal and Wood Workshop is equipped with essential tools to support students in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design, bridging the gap between theory and practice in their creative endeavors.

Silk Screen Printing Workshop

The Silk Screen Printing Workshop provides necessary tools, particularly for Graphic Design students, to apply hands-on techniques to their work, bringing a tangible dimension to theoretical teaching methods. Additionally, a movable-types printing facility is available within the same workshop.

Smart Rooms

Within FAAD premises, 23 classrooms are equipped with Active Boards Touch technology, while 12 others feature LCD projectors to enhance the learning experience.

Architecture Computer Workshop

Two Computer Workshops, located within the Architecture studios, have been established for Architecture and Interior Design students. These workshops are well-equipped with facilities, including 15 computers, an LCD projector, and a related projection screen. Each computer is equipped with the latest graphic software.

Design Computer Workshop

Two fully-equipped computer workshops are situated in proximity to the studios for Graphic Design and Fashion Design students, featuring 19 G4 Macintosh computers with the latest graphic software.

Fashion Design Studio

The Fashion Design facilities encompass three studios: a mannequin room equipped with large pattern-making tables, a sewing studio featuring professional steam irons and sewing machines, and a Macintosh computer workshop designed to provide a professional studio setting for digital illustration, pattern making skills, and hands-on execution. Students also have access to a catwalk installation for hosting fashion shows to showcase their designs.

Music Facilities

The Music Department facility includes three rehearsal halls equipped with projection tools and pianos, along with six small practice rooms tailored for one-to-one music instrumental practice. All halls and rooms are acoustically isolated and equipped with up-to-date sound systems.
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