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Mission, Vision & Values


The Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts & Design (RC-FAAD) strives at promoting an academic milieu, for students from Lebanon and abroad, where design, arts, and architecture are the vectors of NDU’s values. The range of programs offered by the various departments of RC-FAAD is devised to foster an environment of intellectual inquisitiveness. Based on the American Liberal Arts system, RC-FAAD will prepare its offspring (Musicians, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Fine Artists, Photographers, Fashion Designers, and Architects) to be the standard-bearers of NDU’s moral, social, and academic values.


The Faculty will strive to be the leading provider of professional programs in Arts and Design, and will deliver outstanding education/training programs and provide opportunities to develop high levels of creative ambitions and technical skills to enable students to play a dynamic role in continuing development. Students will learn to challenge conventional wisdom from an informed and constructive position and be encouraged to engage in self-directed approaches to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. Supporting faculty members’ involvement in research, professional practice, development of teaching and learning methodology are a must in order to establish a more scholarly and professional environment.


Educating our students to build their future does not solely rely on us providing them with the technical tools and learning material to pursue a career; the RC-FAAD prides itself in providing guidance to help individuals discover their own vision and thus become both professional and responsible.

On-campus interaction between NDU - FAAD faculty, staff, and students, is characterized by a mutual respect for long-held traditions as well as openness and acceptance of positive change and constructive criticism. One of our main values, is to foster a culturally diverse environment where everyone is treated according to their human values, regardless of religion, race, belief, or gender.


We encourage our students’ active involvement in environmental educational and social issues and support them in their quest to make a genuine and lasting difference in their surroundings.


Faith is part of our identity; this is why we rely on open communication and full cooperation to insure that every one’s views and beliefs are respected at NDU in general and RC-FAAD in particular. In order to maintain a learning environment while shaping principled individuals, we cherish these values as part of our educational identity and thus promote:

  • Tolerance of all human beings regardless of background;
  • Cooperation between all members of NDU to ensure personal and professional growth;
  • Communication of views and beliefs within a positive and responsive environment;
  • Diversity and cultural exchange devoid of prejudice and judgment.
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